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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How to change a processor name in windows! by "netwrkspider"

how to change a processor name?? is it possible?? yes its possible to change processor name in windows system let me explain now, it can be done by jst edit "registry" in windows system. The following steps are given below.

step 1: jst right click on my computer n click on properties u'll see ur processor name.

step 2: click on start, den click on run, in run window u jst type "regedit" without quote
after that select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
den select HARDWARE
den select DESCRIPTION
den select SYSTEM
finally select CentralProcessor n u'll get list of all reg value.
u jst right click on Processornamestring den select option modify n fianlly u can change ur processor name.

step 3: Right click on my computer n select properties, ur processor name has been changed.

note: whenever u buy computer/laptop jst chk ur BIOS setting u'll get original information abt processor.

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