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Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to Migrate Zimbra mail server from one machine to Another New Machine

Zimbra version and platform

This experiment  was developed and tested on Release zcs-7.1.1_GA_3196.UBUNTU10_64.20110527011124.tgz Ubuntu 10.04 , and now also on the CentOS5_64 FOSS edition and the Network edition.


We are going to migrate our mail server from old zimbra machine having ubuntu 10.04 LTS with Zimbra zcs-7.1.1 to new zimbra machine with same server configuration.


Exactly the same version Ubuntu 10.04 LTS of Zimbra must be installed on the New  server.

To start with we work on the old mail server the following steps are given below.

A ) Zimbra Old server

1 ) As root user 
    root@root:~#su zimbra

2 ) Now stop the zimbra services   

 zimbra@zimbra:~$  zmcontrol stop

Now on the New Server which having same os configuration and installed zimbra mail application on it.   

B ) Zimbra New server

1 )  As root user : [ use sudo -i ]      

 [ make sure you have installed same version of zimbra with same configuration like domain name etc. ]

We now perform the first copy of the zimbra directory between the old mail server and new mail server . On the New server we must stop Zimbra. Stop zimbra on old machine or We leave Zimbra running on the live server for now to reduce downtime.

The following rsync command is run on the New Mail server. Substitute the hostname or IP address of the Old server as required in the command below.

a ) On New mail server [ Rsync  between old to new server ]
service zimbra stop
zimbra@zimbra:~$zmcontrol stop  
rsync -aHz --force --delete live_server:/opt/zimbra/ /opt/zimbra/
eg : rsync -aHz --force --delete [email protected]:/opt/zimbra/ /opt/zimbra/
[ where ip is our old mail server ]
b ) now execute the below command after rsync done.

chown -R zimbra:zimbra /opt/zimbra
Now reboot the machine. 
root@root:~# reboot 

c ) Start Zimbra.  Everything should work

Note : if you will get proxy error or MTA not working then reinstall ZCS on new server using

root@root:~# /softwares/zcs-7.1.1_GA_3196.UBUNTU10_64.20110527011124

and  select upgrade option  after done.  restart  zimbra services on new server it'll work fine.


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