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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trace Fake E-mail by "netwrkspider"

hi frnds nw i giv som brief idea abt fake mail detection process. in this tutorial is only educational purpose only so don't do ny illegal activity. the below fig shows that fake mail system, here u can send fakemail to any particular mail addr! and here hacker(user) use fake mail addr like (eg:[email protected]) and hacker(user) send fake mail to xyz@gmail.com

now after sucessfully send mail to [email protected], the question is that hw user identify, is this a right mail or not so i giv som process to detect fake mail..
ds's below fig shows that user mail system. here user got mail from microsoft(the name is "bill" ).

fake e-mail addr:([email protected])

but question is that hw we identify fake mail ?? so click on show original or if u r using yahoo or ny mail system den click on show header(header contain all information) which is shown below.
aftr that u'll get header information which is shown below. it conatin IP addr,smtp id, date,year etc. and server detail like "amonra.ueuo.com" which is not microsoft mail server. hence we identify the mail is fake. in lots of cases generally fake mail contain wrong english grammer,wrong vocabulary so read ur mail carefully n identify ur mail..
note:- don't send fake e-mail its a cyber crime. by "netwrkspider"

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